Advant-Navis project is strategically located in one of the most prime regions in the NCR on Noida Expressway



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Quality, safety and speed are the guiding principles for our highly professional team. Advant has partnered with leading architects, designers, services consultants, engineers and contractors for various stages of the project.

The project is created in compliance with the USGBC LEED Gold rating guidelines to address the growing environmental concerns of the tech-age. The project is equipped to consume significantly lesser energy and produce significantly lesser waste and emissions compared to a conventionally built corporate center.

Advant has selected one of the leading architects in the nation named Design Forum of Architects (DFA). Our service contractors are some of the best in the nation. Spectral are our service consultants having tremendous experience in executing sustainable large projects both in India and abroad.

Our project management team lead by a group of highly experienced and qualified engineers in the field of civil, electrical, plumbing, etc. We form one of the most professional teams for execution of this project with our civil contractors, RN Intercon,.


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