Corporate Values

At Advant we believe in living by the values. Being a global company we may be present in different countries that practice different cultures, but the fabric that binds Advant is its strong 'Value' practices. The Values reinforce our philosophy of 'Investing in Relationships' with our Customers, Partners and Employees.

Open Atmosphere
We at ADVANT encourage and even demand that our employees question on what they do; that they push their assumed boundaries and raise their disagreements and hold differing views on everything. That is where we derive our creativity as an organization.

Outstanding Team Work
We are structured to work as a team and the very nature of our work demands that we function effectively in teams, we encourage and reward excellent teamwork. It is not merely desirable but an essential for our business. Since result delivery, across distributed, multi-cultural teams, each individual is alive to the fact that his/her success is closely linked to the team's success, which promotes Outstanding Teamwork.

Long Term Relationship
At Advant we work towards a long term relationship with all our customers, employees, suppliers, vendors and with all our stake holders. We work towards building relationships that are interdependent. A stimulating environment, challenging customer engagements, global opportunities and attractive benefits and rewards, are mechanisms to promote Long Term Relationships with our employees.

Respect for Individual
At Advant, while we demand outstanding teamwork, we also respect the individual and value their as a unique person, with their own specific aspirations and capabilities. All this needs to be done in a manner that says -- we know you care, we know you have something valuable to contribute, and we will listen, challenge, acknowledge and confront you, with respect and compassion.

Commitment to Results
Advant is committed to ensuring that in-spite of problems, hurdles etc. the result committed is achieved. We are willing to make commitments and stand by them at all costs. We are focused on the result at all times and look at processes only as a means to get there.

Customer Focused
We work towards understanding the customers' needs completely so that we are able to service their requirements effectively. We work towards partnering with our customers in helping them to achieve their visions and their goals.

Pride in Work

We work towards building pride in ourselves, owning and taking pride in what we produce. The quality of the work we do, whether it is producing buildings, doing interior furnishings or greeting a customer or even simply answering a telephone call. We ensure that there is no rework, no mess ups, no mistakes.