Advant Navis is run by a network of intelligent controllers. All the controllers, spread across the building, controlling the access control , the security, the Plumbing pumps and the Air Handling Units at each floor and the video cameras, are all intelligent controllers, which are capable of communicating with sensors, actuators and other controls of the building and also with each other. They have a smart computer inside them, which is not only capable of controlling the environment but also communicating their health to the main computer.

The data gathered from all the sources is processed and converted into information, which helps the system to optimize performance of individual component, on the basis of overall system information from other components. Rather than each component working independently without awareness about the other system, where there is lot of wastage of energy and discomfort to the occupants, the components work in tandem by sharing information and talking to each other.

Sharing the occupancy information with the HVAC, Access Control and Surveillance; HVAC needs this information to control the speed of the blower to save energy, whereas Access Control and Surveillance needs this information from security perspective to trigger cameras in the vicinity. This sharing of information improves the intelligence level of each component. An access control may think that there is nobody in the sitting area since everybody, who entered, has exited from the building. However if someone has entered the building by tailgating and has not exited will be traced by the occupancy sensor. This information is very useful also whenever there is need for complete evacuation of the premises in the case of any calamity or disaster. At that point of time it is important to change the flow of air in certain zones in HVAC, so that the fire can be contained within the impacted zone.