Advant Navis Business Park
A corporate marvel and an ecological blessing

When breakthrough architectural design comes together with environmental care, the result can be inspiring. And Advant-Navis is the perfect embodiment of how modern day’s corporate marvel needs to be - One that blends the finest in infrastructure with environmental care. - Forging an alliance that creates unlimited opportunity. The opportunity to look beyond boundaries. Beyond time-zones. Beyond conventions. The opportunity to set up your own office in a class-A Intelligent Green Buildings. This new facility, conceived and designed by the Advant Group, is a strategic initiative to support the growing global client base of organizations. And a one-stop solution for hybrid global delivery services.

It combines the responsiveness and closeness of modern project management services with the value and excellence of India-based development and delivery services. Indeed, Advant-Navis offers a complete solution to extend your footprint in this country. Others call it a winning business proposition. We call it a signpost of emerging India.

At Advant-Navis Park is designed as two interconnected towers going up to 84 meters. Tower A is 15 floors high and has a super area of 490,000 sq. ft while Tower B reaches 13 floors, spanning an area of 390,000 sq. ft. The towers are connected by sky bridges on all the floors to provide very large contiguous floors plates ranging from 30,000 to 62,000 sq. ft. A three floor high atrium is placed right in the heart of the towers and provides spectacular view of the bridges. The total covered space is a colossal 9,91,308 sq. ft. with a basement of 3,00,000 sq. ft.  

Advant-Navis sets apart as a LEED Gold Certified Green Building with significant quantifiable savings achieved as compared to an ordinary office building. By way of energy savings of 1.76% sfm (per square foot per month), water savings of 0.15% sfm, emissions reduction at 0.36% sfm, reduction in operations and maintenance cost of 2.58% sfm, productivity gains and health benefits for the occupants at 16.76% sfm, all amounting to a stupendous total saving of 21.61% per square foot per month!

 Advant-Navis includes common facilities onsite in order to reduce the need for additional space by 20%. A cafeteria, food courts, multi cuisine restaurants, coffee shops, recreational zones, health club with gym, banking, ATM, medical aid, travel desk, day care, large conference hall/auditorium, handicap friendly facilities and facility management services are all available within its premises. With an efficiency factor of 75%, the cost benefits of Advant Navis also far outweigh those of a normal office construction, with surprising savings at every stage. From 20% saving in interior furnishing and rent, a 25% reduction in electricity and maintenance, to a saving of over 35% in HVAC usage, all leading to an astounding overall saving of 26.88%!
 Created in compliance with the growing environmental concerns of the tech age, Advant Navis is spread over 24,845 meters lush green campus having 80% open landscaped areas. It is surrounded by 150 feet wide green belts on the right and 75 ft wide green belt in the front. The office blocks are designed to provide hi end, new generation workspaces: Spaces that affirm growth; a positive and healthy life force and unhindered productivity. All buildings overlook the landscaped gardens. The overall impact is majestic, with buildings and landscape visually integrated into one complete environment.

 The facilities and features make an impressive list. The site is open on three sides. With 150 ft. wide roads in the front and right and 100 ft. wide road on the left side for easy access. Plentiful parking for up to 1200 cars is an additional advantage. All services conduits are conveniently placed. The attractive façade is a combination of aluminum and double glazed insulated low-e glass. Exterior walls use energy saving ACC blocks. The cavernous atrium and the inter-connecting bridge roofs are made from a high strength transparent material allowing for abundant natural light. A metal canopy connecting the two towers creates a spectacular view. The building is engineered for safety and designed for seismic zone V, having a large column span of 8.4 meters and a flat slab structure with a clear and excellent floor to floor height of 4.2 meters.

The greener side of productivity: Expect the world from this environmentally sustainable facility that aspires to be LEED Gold certified Green building. Advant-Navis is an environmental friendly, energy efficient building built to increase operational efficiency, reduce emissions and avoid waste. The significant economic benefits of this project can be experienced in asset value, worker productivity and the local economy. Health and safety features, risk management and economics are the other assured benefits for prospective occupants.

A state of the art, fully automatic fire alarm system, conveniently placed service shafts, a foolproof 24x7 electronic surveillance and monitoring system, 100% power back up, sewage treatment plant, a water cooled HVAC system and as many as 16 high speed elevators are all available onsite. Also in place is an Integrated Building Management System (BMS). Telecom and Data Communication facilities include high bandwidth, high speed Internet access, with satellite connectivity and high speed international leased circuits. The Business Center has instant fully serviced offices with modules for 2 to 200 persons and a fully furnished plug and play incubation center.