Advant Navis Business Park is aiming to achieve prestigious Gold rating under LEED from US Green Building Council, which will make this project as one of the most environmental friendly projects envisaged right from the design stage and will be one of the few commercial projects in India to achieve LEED Gold certification. This project reinforces our commitment to sustainable development through cutting edge green technologies to deliver eco friendly projects. The towers are designed to cover only 19% of the ground leaving rest of the ground area for shaded landscape courts with water bodies & plants, which helps to reduce the ambient temperature. Use of heat reflective glass, highly efficient air conditioning system, BMS, LED lighting, occupancy sensors, lux sensors & dimmable ballasts, etc.,  are some of the other key technologies to intelligently conserve energy consumption without affecting the comfort of the occupants.


Advant Navis is a multi-tenant facility in a campus-style setting that includes common facilities on sharing basis in order to reduce the need for additional space by up to 20%. Advant Navis includes shared facilities such as cafeteria, food courts with multi-cuisine restaurants, coffee shops, recreational zones, health club and gym, banking & ATM, medical aid, travel desk, daycare, conference facilities, handicap friendly facilities, etc. There are ample housing options of all kinds available in very close proximity of the project, eliminating the need to travel long distances for work and day-to-day services which further helps in reducing automobile emissions.

If, for example, the number of occupants in the office increases, the fresh air intake of the HVAC system will increase automatically keeping CO2 levels within control. However, in the case of reduced occupancy the intake of the fresh air is reduced and blower speed is modulated based on occupancy, leading to conservation of energy. There is a heat recovery unit which utilizes the difference between HVAC system’s recycled air and the cool outside air to optimize the energy usage for air conditioning. However if the unit becomes a net consumer of energy as the temperature difference becomes smaller, it is wiser to stop the heat recovery unit’s wheel to conserve energy. All this is done by the intelligence built into Building Management System implemented at Advant Navis.

By using these and other technologies, Advant Navis helps enhance country’s Green initiatives and set standards for LEED certified green buildings in the nation. At Advant we realize that construction of Green buildings is the only way forward for preserving the planet for our future generations to enjoy and also provide a safe, secure and a comfortable environment for the occupants of our buildings. Our Green building initiatives will not only help in saving huge operating energy costs of up to 30-40% to benefit our clients but will go a long way in creating awareness about cost benefits of energy conservation through sustainable development.